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Beauty parlour Services

Moshaz beauty salon provides an excellent customer service throughout the journey our Salon offers various services such as Bridal and party makeup, haircuts and styling, facials hand and feet services, body waxing, nail art and other beauty related services. We  are commonly known for being professional in bridal makeup, party makeup and hair dressing. Visit us ‘the top rated salon in Rawalpindi’ and get your makeup, hairstyling, facial and spa done.

beauty parlour services list

Urwa Hocane's bridal makeup at Moshaz Beauty Salon

Moshaz Salon is specialized in Bridal and Party Makeup. We are having the top artists for Makeup. Check out our bridal makeup charges in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Event Makeup By Moshaz Beauty Parlour in Rawalpindi Islamabad

Moshaz is specialized in Party makeup and event makeup. The makeup artists are very well trained. Our party makeup in both the scheme 3 and Bahria branches are best.

Best Hair Salon for ladies - Rawalpindi Islamabad

Moshaz Beauty Salon offers various services like hair styling, haircut, hair treatment and hair dressing. The hair salon is for ladies.

Facial services in rawalpindi

The beauty salon offers various services in Facial. In our facial salon we are also  providing the best hydrafacial in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Best Spa in rawalpindi

The beauty parlour offers Massage, Manicure pedicure and Much More by the professional spa in Rawalpindi Islamabad. 

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Beauty salon Price List

makeup services

Signature makeup services.
Mehndi Makeup                               Rs/- 30,000
Barat Makeup                                   Rs/- 55,000
Walima Makeup                               Rs/- 55,000
Engagement Makeup                      Rs/- 30,000
Nikah Makeup                                  Rs/- 35,000
Dua-e-Khair Makeup                       Rs/- 25,000
Party Makeup                                   Rs/- 25,000

Bridal Mehndi.
Simple One Side Mehndi                Rs/- 800-1000
Bridal Mehndi                                   Rs/- 10,000-15,000

Senior Artist Makeup Services.
Mehndi Makeup                               Rs/- 25000
Barat Makeup                                   Rs/- 35000
Walima Makeup                               Rs/- 35000
Engagement Makeup                      Rs/- 20000
Nikah Makeup                                  Rs/- 25,000
Dua-e-Khair Makeup                        Rs/- 20,000
Party Makeup                                   Rs/- 8000

10:30 am till 08:30 pm

Other Services

Spa Services
Brightening Meni Pedi                 Rs-/ 3000
O.P.I Meni Pedi                              Rs-/ 4000
Parafin Wax                                   Rs-/ 300 + 300

Menipedi parafin wax                Rs/- 3000

French Nails                                  Rs-/ 1000

 Nails Art                                 Rs-/ 1500-2000

Hand Feet Polishers                     Rs-/ 300-300
Nail Paint Application                  Rs-/ 400
Massage                                        Rs-/ 400

Hot  Stone Massage                                        Rs-/ 6000

Full Body  Massage                                        Rs-/ 5000

Waxing Services.
Full Body Wax                                Rs-/ 6000-8000
Full Arms Wax                                Rs-/ 1000

Under Arms Wax                                Rs-/ 500
Full Legs Wax                                 Rs-/ 2000
Half legs & Half Arms Wax          Rs-/ 1000-1000

Beauty Services
Full Face Wax                                 Rs-/ 1000
Full Face Threading                      Rs-/ 1000
Threading Upper lips                    Rs-/ 150
Simple Eye Lashes                                     Rs-/ 800

Chin Wax                                        Rs-/ 300
Threading Upper lips                    Rs-/ 150
Eye Lashes Extension                   Rs-/ 8000-13000

Nail Extension                                 Rs-/ 3000-6000

Facial care.
Mini Facial                                      Rs-/ 3000
Herbal Facial                                  Rs-/ 3000
Polisher                                           Rs-/ 1500
Simple Cleansing                          Rs-/ 500
Whightning Cleansing                   Rs-/ 1000
Jensen Whightning Facial             Rs-/ 5000
Thalgo Basic Whightning Facial   Rs-/ 6000
Thalgo Anti Aging Facial               Rs-/ 6000
Thalgo Silicum Program Facial    Rs-/ 8000
Thalgo Brightning Program          Rs-/ 8000
Thalgo Hydra Program                  Rs-/ 6000
Derma Logica (Simple Facial)      Rs-/ 8000

Derma Logica (mini)      Rs-/ 4000

Power Brightening/ Anti Aging      Rs-/ 8000

HydraFacial                                       Rs./ 6000-8000

Hair Styling Services.
Blow Dry                                        Rs/- 2000-2500
Blow Dry with Hair Styling          Rs/- 2000-3000
Simple Iron                                    Rs/- 1500-2000
Hair Styling                                    Rs/- 2000-3000
Wash                                              Rs/- 500
Loreal Wash                                  Rs/- 600

Hair Colour Services.
Full Hair Colour   (Shoulder length ) =  Rs/-12000
Baby Lights     (Shoulder Length ) Rs/- 25,000
High Lights (Shoulder Length ) Rs/- 25,000
Root Touching                              Rs/- 3000
Root Touching (Inova)                 Rs/- 3500

Ombre Hair Dye    (Shoulder Length ) Rs/- 25,000

Balayage Hair Dye (Shoulder Length )  Rs/- 25,000
Dye Application with Wash  Rs/- 1500

Hair Treatment Services.
Protein Treatment              Rs/- 3000-5000
Mythic Oil Treatment         Rs/- 3000-5000
Smart Bond Treatment      Rs/- 5000
Hot Oil Treatment               Rs/- 1000

Anti Dandruff Treatment    Rs/- 3000-6000

Form Services.
X-Tenso                                 Rs/- 18000-25000
Keratin                                   Rs/- 20000-25000

Hair Styling Services.
Child Hair Cutting                 Rs/- 500-800
Hair Cut without Blow Dry   Rs/- 2000 (Senior Hair Stylist)
Hair Cut with Blow Dry         Rs/- 3000
Hair Cut with Blow Dry         Rs/- 5000 (Signature Hair Cut)

Hair Cut without Blow Dry         Rs/- 3000 (Signature Hair Cut)

Moshaz Salon is at your service

The beauty parlour provides remarkable services and employing the best makeup artists of rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Services includes Bridal Makeup Dulhan Makeup, Party Makeup Event Makeup, Hair Styling, Hair dressing, keratin treatment, Hair Treatment, HydraFacial, facial, Spa massage, waxing and mani pedi. Our employees are highly competent and specialized in their respective fields. The Salon always take good care of customers. And the customer service of beauty salon is well-organized and well-managed.

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