5 most Decent hairstyles for ladies

This is 21st century, and there are variety of hair styles trending at a time here we will discuss about the trending hairstyles for ladies. Everyone wishes to look the most beautiful in every event and Moshaz beauty salon is consistently striving to give remarkable services to their customers in achieving their satisfaction. Moreover, the trend in Asian countries is changing at a fast pace, everyday comes with a new and a modern trend. So we need to upgrade ourselves with the new trends. After a long break because of pandemic, most of the people stopped caring about their hair but now it is over and you need to start taking care of your hair again. Yayy! The Wedding Season is coming.

People around the world believes that after makeup, hairstyle is what really matters when you want to look mesmerizingly beautiful. So the beauty parlour’s experts are here to show you some most decent and gorgeous hairstyles. Following are some most decent hair styles made by the hair stylists of Moshaz Beauty Salon.

Medium Length – One side Curl

The medium length hair styles are the most common type of hairstyles all over the world. Most of the ladies likes to get a short haircut just to look beautiful as they all know medium length hair style looks perfect.
So, our Beauty parlour‘s customer wanted to get short haircut with something different and uncommon. Just look at the picture, it’s just awesome hairstyle and you may never have seen such a unique hairstyle. The look is so unique and is so easy to manage the hairstyle on regular basis. Try to get the trending and decent hairstyles for ladies.

Haircut and styling by Moshaz Beauty Salon - Trending hairstyles for ladies
Hair Styling by Moshaz beauty salon’s experts

Medium Length – Bottom curl

A lot many ladies love to get a medium length haircut because the medium length hair can easily be managed. The bottom curl looks gorgeous but making this hairstyle is not too simple as it looks. This hairstyle is common but is so decent and suits on almost every face shape. I mean, just look at the picture, isn’t it gorgeous? Yes, surely it is.

Event Makeup done by Moshaz Beauty Salon - Hairstlyes for ladies
Gorgeous Lady is ready for the event

Long Length – Straight Hair

We cannot think of a better time for you to test out these long and straight hair! This trend never gets old, in fact it is more common in the parties and events. The wedding season is going to start after a long break because of the pandemic. And now is the time to start taking care of your hair. Get a hair treatment and test out the hairstyle. Get the trending hairstyles for ladies from the best beauty salon in rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Hair straightening by Moshaz - Hairstyles for ladies
Perfect Hair Straightening

Long Length – bottom Curl

Like the long length straight hair, this curling trend also never gets old instead. The wedding season is going to start after a long break because of the pandemic. And now is the time to start taking care of your hair. Try out this hair style in the upcoming and you will surely look the prettiest one.

Hair styling by Moshaz Beauty Salon
Hair color by Moshaz


Waterfall is one the most decent hairstyle for ladies and it suits with the long length and straight hair, this hairstyle looks so simple and decent. It is also been trending for years and still trending. It is concluded that no hair style is underrated, you just need to get it from the right salon. The picture below is the perfect example of this, as I said you just need to get your haircut and styling from the right salon.

Party Makeup by Moshaz
Pretty lady ready for the event

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